Emerging Media as We Know It

Emerging media is interactive media.

Graphic 1

emerging media

In stark contrast to traditional media, it involves the audience. It seeks response and yearns for a give and take relationship. It is new, fresh, and, with the constant growth of technology, never static. Merriam-Webster defines the following:

Emerge : to become known or apparent

This definition implies that the very core of emerging media is discovery. It is the present and the future. It is an exciting aspect of marketing that doesn’t sit still. Marketers must embrace emerging media in order to stay relevant and capture audiences who are embracing technology.

How do audiences interact with emerging media? This field includes many components of digital life, including website visits, social media engagement, blogging, texting, and so much more. It is important to remember that interaction is at the heart of it all. The way marketers communicate is changing. The lecture format has become tired (not completely useless, but tired). Consumers want a relationship that is a two-way street. This means that marketers must utilize channels that had not even been created thirty years ago. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and GPS devices are just a few examples of these new platforms.

In future posts, I will investigate the tools and methods used in the ever-growing field of emerging media and the reasons why people use them. Come with me down this crazy road of exploration. It will not disappoint!


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