Embrace Your Adaptability

The Greek philosopher said it best over 2500 years ago — The only thing constant is change. We are living in a world in which this statement has never been more true and in which change has never been more rapid. While many people are concentrating on the craziness and obstacles of this advancing world, the successful ones will be those who embrace it.

Technology is moving forward with or without us. We cannot expect to learn the platforms and marketing vehicles of today and stick to those findings for the next ten years.

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As Alvin Toffler says, it is not just about continuously learning, but rather, it is about unlearning and relearning too! “Unlearning” is perhaps the biggest challenge our society faces. We have a tendency to hang onto what we know because it’s always worked previously. The modern world, however, presents us with the challenge of letting go. (Don’t make me sing the song from Frozen… *Let it go, let it goooo!*)

Imagine if we held onto every VHS we owned because they worked, and we didn’t trust DVDs. We currently would be experiencing much less efficient video-watching. This example is a minor, frivolous one, but apply that same principle to the field of medicine and suddenly it seems a little more important. The fear today, though, is embedded in the aforementioned rapidity of technological advances. Give someone a year or two to get used to a concept, and nine times out of ten, he or she can handle it. Give someone a week to adapt and “keep up,” and the results might be a smaller ratio with an increase in panic attacks. The best piece of advice for the years to come is…

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keep calm

What makes you most nervous about the technological advances that are quickly approaching?