Why You Should Be Proud of Facebook

Facebook just released a feature that many have been waiting on for years: Facebook Reactions!

fb reactions

These emojis fulfill user requests for the ability to click more than just a “like” button and to be able to “react” to posts in other ways. Of course, there will be a plethora of people wanting other buttons to be added now that they see these reactions, but one thing you will never see is a “dislike” button. Tech Insider spoke with Sammi Krug, Facebook Reactions product manager, who reported that “A dislike felt very binary to Mark [Zuckerberg] and the team.” Yes, the reactions now encompass more than simply liking and disliking, but the real victory here is the dedication for using Facebook for positively associating with other users. zloveyay

Zuckerberg has been aware of the desire for a dislike button for a while, but didn’t want to encourage down-voting posts and degrading users. The solution to this took the form of the “angry” emoji as a result of Zuckerberg agreeing, “Not every moment is a good moment.”

With this decision, Zuckerberg did a great job in keeping Facebook as a site that people will want to continue to use and visit without the fear of meanness or cruelty.

Are you satisfied with the new reactions? Did Facebook miss any reactions that you think should’ve made the cut?